Thursday, February 21, 2013

New Talent on board

Rachael Ward has joined the crew of Agromania to offer an educated look into the world of video games. An expansive world that is constantly growing and adapting to the coming future. So, how can we as people use this great medium that captivates all big and small to educate the younger generations? Some of those answers, some further questions, and a fresh perspective can all be found here.

You can view Rachael's intro blog at Agromanics Annonymous
and for even more goodies you can take her first class here; The Anti Hero in Video Games
for a fresh perspective of how some great classics can spark innovation, inspiration, and aspiration.

Enjoy, and feel free to offer feedback. As were always growing, adapting, learning, loving, and searching for the fresh voices out there who wish to be heard.

Monday, February 11, 2013

New Review Up! A glance at Truthful Comics

Here at Agromania, with the world constantly turning, we wanted to be sure you guys hadn't forgotten about us. So, once again here we are, venturing a bit deeper into the world of webcomics, and bringing you the beginnings of a new studio out there trying to leave it's mark on the marred and unpredictable.

The site is still building up steam, but they've got some great talent collaborating to bring you some interesting perspectives, and tales to pull on your heartstrings. See our review of Corey Davis' ORDER in the comic section!!

As always stay tuned and spread the word. Much more to come out of us before the weeks end.