Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Rise of RedMoon, a trial by fire in the Kickstarter arena

The Rise of Redmoon is a project I've been working on with creator/ director Paul R. Michaels that's currently fighting tooth and nail to reach its goal of $1800 in the next 24 DAYS. The plan is to use the funds to kickstart an on going comic series, full color print, merch, and some con appearances that follows the awakening of a crime fighter in a city filled with corruption and conspiracies.

We follow Jane Armstrong, a genuine soul working the job of a stenographer, a woman haunted by repressed memories, imprinted with a destiny. Her past holds the keys to doors unimaginable, and her mind bursting with the nightmares ready to engulf her in both worlds.

Follow the updates of this struggling creator, writer, dreamer Nathaniel Baker as I kick start my first full length on going comic series with the promise of others already in the works.
Be sure to share, donate, and as always aspire to inspire!

Feel free to keep up with our progress here, or on Twitter Aggies@agromania

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